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8 G-Dragon Songs That Only Prove He’s The Greatest of His Time

Pre-spazzing for Act III, M.O.T.T.E. in Manila!!!!!

| July 26, 2017

8 G-Dragon Songs

That Only Prove

He’s The Greatest

of His Time

By Patti Sunio

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Ticket prices haven’t been released yet, but as early as now, Filipino fans like us cannot sit still in anticipation of G-Dragon’s concert in Manila, scheduled this September!!!

The genius artist that he is, our main oppa (who has always been heavily involved in producing, writing, and composing songs for Big Bang and other label mates) has written more than 20 number one songs to date. So it’s definitely a challenge to choose just 8, but here’s a list of his top hits, to help tide us over until Act III, M.O.T.T.E. in Manila!!!


This is the lead single in G-Dragon’s first ever solo album, which was released on his birthday in 2009. Heartbreaker was number one in the Mnet, Melon, and KBS music charts. The song also became a cause of many plagiarism issues, one of which stating that it had similarities to a song by Flo Rida.



From G-Dragon’s second solo album, the lead single Crayon, could also mean a shortcut for “get your crazy on”, and a lot of other things based on fan interpretations. The video only does validate the cray-ness of it all, with GD dressed as so many characters, with much color, fun, partying, and all, and made the popular line “Why so serious?” even more famous.



It was the song from the album of the same name that also won GD Best Hip-hop / Rap Song of the Year from the Korean Music Awards. Its accompanying MV was a smashing hit, too, with appearances by Big Bang’s Taeyang, a baby tiger, and a little bear cub.



It was the first single released from One Of A Kind. Because of explicit lyrics, the song was deemed unsuitable for listeners who are younger than 19. However, That XX still managed to be number 1 at the Gaon Chart on the month it was released, making it the first time a rated-19 song reached the top spot.