8 Groupmates You Hated to Work With

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8 Groupmates You Hated to Work With

If the shoe fits.

| February 23, 2017


8 Groupmates You Hated to Work With

By Therese Aseoche

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Whenever we hear the word “group work,” we always get war flashbacks of the worst experience we’ve ever had working with other people on major projects or presentations. Come to think of it, we rarely have any good memories of group work. There’s always just that one person who we wish we could cut in half with a chainsaw because, honestly, their best contribution to the team would be to just disappear.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration.

But you can’t deny that there really are these people we’re forced to work with who will make us pull our hair and grit our teeth. Which of these types of groupmates do you hate the most?

The “All Bark, No Bite”

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This one acts like the responsible leader, deciding on a direction and dividing tasks among the group. They fool you into thinking they’re actively contributing, but when the actual project is done, you realize that they’ve done absolutely nothing to help.


The Control Freak

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This one believes that their way is the only way. No one is allowed to deviate from their plans and ideas. They also spend the wee hours of the morning when the entire group is asleep to review and revise the presentation and then inform you all just hours away from submission that they only “tweaked” the project just a little bit (when in fact, they gave it a total overnight facelift).


The Escape Artist

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This one seems to always have something better or more “urgent” to do than work on your project. Whether it’s a major presentation in another class they have to finish, or that they’re not allowed by their parents to stay out too late at night, or that they need to look after their dog…they just keep giving so many excuses to weasel their way out of doing a heavy task or of doing the project altogether (“Sorry talaga, andami ko lang talaga ginagawa. Ako nalang magpi-print!” Wow, ganda ng contribution mo bes.)


The Spectator

They don’t give their own opinions or ideas. They just stay silent throughout brainstorming sessions and wait until the group reaches a direction, and then ask “So anong gagawin?”