8 Happy Skin Must-Haves

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8 Happy Skin Must-Haves

Happy Skin is happy life.

| September 3, 2017

Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream

Hide your blemishes before you head out of the house with Happy Skin’s ZZ Cream. It’s a silicone-free base that smoothens your skin, minimizes pores and fine lines, and gives your face that natural radiance! (Available online for PHP 1,299)


Lip Liners

Pair your lippies with these pretty and versatile lip liners to make your lips look much fuller — enough to catch the attention of everybody you’d meet! (Available online for PHP 499)


Pretty Clean Instant Makeup Eraser

We’re accustomed to the pain of accidentally messing up our makeup and then, in our noble effort to clean it up, end up smudging the rest of our faces. But this nifty tool helps us quickly clean and correct makeup mishaps without having to redo everything! (Available online for PHP 499)


Get Cheeky With Me All-Day Hydrating Blush

Aside from adding a subdued color to your cheeks, this all-day blush keeps them looking fresh and hydrated with the infusion of Japanese Cherry Blossom extract. It has a small brush and a mirror included inside the compact too. Completely travel-friendly! (Available online for PHP 899)


What’s your ultimate favorite Happy Skin product? Tell us all about it below!

All photos grabbed from Happy Skin’s Facebook page