8 Healthier Alternatives to Chips

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8 Healthier Alternatives to Chips

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

| August 7, 2017

5. Cheese

If your cravings are centered around cheesy, melty, things, why not go straight for the dairy delicacy instead? You can buy a cube of your favorite colby jack or cheddar and sprinkle it over your merienda and watch magic unfold when you pop it in the microwave, or just slice a generous portion and munch on it, maybe with a glass of wine? Who says wine and cheese are only for special occasions?


6. Thin sliced fried tofu

You’re probably squinting your eyes rechecking what you read and totally nodding your head ‘no’ on this seemingly bland prospect. Surprise though, because tofu is actually one of the most versatile, yet protein rich, food items out there that you can creatively flavor to your liking. While deep frying them upon battering up with seasoned flour (aka flour with salt, pepper, and your other preferred spices) will yield the crispiest results, pan frying with less oil can also do the trick – just make sure to slice thinly and serve hot so you can maximize its yummy potential – especially once paired with a tasty dipping sauce.


7. Veggie-based chips

Going healthy really means going for veggies every chance that you get. Though it might make you groan, it actually just takes a little bit of effort to make mundane looking veggies feel like a gourmet snack. Slice ’em thin, coat with some egg wash and flour, and deep fry, grabbing some Japanese mayo or pre-made dressing to cut prep time for an easy baon. Better yet, consider baking them to a golden crisp to further cut down the grease without losing the crunch. Really, the possibilities are endless, considering the wide array of easy recipes available online.


8. Healthy Tacos

Tacos are a staple in Pinoy’s favorite grub for good reason – there’s crunch, color, and it’s customizable. Given that it is customizable, it’s now your diligent turn to pack in all the veggies that you know are good for you, then flavor it up with your go to dressing and a hearty sprinkling of grated cheese.


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