8 Heartbreaking KPop Videos Para Sa Mga Sawi

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8 Heartbreaking KPop Videos Para Sa Mga Sawi

Kasi minsan gusto mo mag-drama pero wala kang oras manood ng Kdrama.

| February 21, 2018

8 Heartbreaking KPop Videos

Para Sa Mga Sawi

By Jerica Chingcuangco

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Korean music videos (known as ‘MV’) are practically mini-Korean dramas themselves. If you’re too busy to watch Kdramas but want the feels, we’ve compiled a few Kpop videos featuring different kinds of heartbreak. You won’t even need subtitles or translations—that’s how effective these tearjerkers are.

8. Wedding Dress – Taeyang

BIG BANG’s Taeyang launched his first solo album, SOLAR, back in 2010. “Wedding Dress” is one of the album’s title tracks. The music video features Taeyang getting ready for a wedding, interspersed with flashbacks of a seemingly happy relationship.

ProTip: Probably don’t buy an engagement ring if you’re not in a romantic relationship.


7. Don’t Say Goodbye – Davichi

Finding a deathly pale woman in a trash bag outside your home is definitely a promising start for any relationship! After the surreal beginning, the MV becomes sweet, lulling you into a sense of complacency. Sure, the couple had an unconventional beginning, but hey, not everyone can have a childhood friends-to-lovers story!

Well.  #TrustNoOne


6. Goodbye My Love – 8eight

The opening of this video will already have you going, “well that’s not good.” Starring Kim So Eun, Jung Gyeo Woon, and 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon, “Goodbye My Love” is a mix of that creepy guy who takes videos of Keira Knightley in Love, Actually and Korean MV’s favorite way to kill of a character: a car accident.


5. The Only Thing I Can’t Do – Gummy

This video is lot less dramatic than everything else on this list, but no less heartbreaking. It’s a slice-of-life story, starting from Gummy trying her best to head off a break-up conversation, the ‘oh no he’s breaking up with her because he’s going to die’ moment, to a continuous shot of her walking as she comes to terms with the fresh break-up, to the heartbreaking conclusion.