8 Horror Films That Are Actually Romantic

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8 Horror Films That Are Actually Romantic

To some, they are one and the same.

| February 16, 2017

8 Horror Films That Are Actually Romantic

By Enzo Marcos

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone and we are back to our dreary lives. Now, if you’re like me, you did not make any plans for Heart’s Day. That’s fine. Why not take your significant other out on the day after? Go simple. Chill out at home and put on a horror flick. Everyone knows the mentality behind the move. It gives you the perfect opportunity to put your arm around your date and prove your machismo. Not to mention the spike in adrenaline and blood flow.

Instead of going for the outright horrors, why not show your date you have a sensitive side as well? Here are 8 romantic movies that also happen to be scarier than an unexpected tax audit.

1. Let the Right One In


Let the Right One In is a vampire film. Now before you lump it in with Twilight, please understand that this is a PROPER vampire film. This film has its fair share of disturbing and grim moments. Blood flows freely, but so does the love.

Take away the whole vampire angle and it is a coming of age film that tackles first love. It is a gorgeous film with emotional depth that people of every age should be able to relate to. There are hardly any contrived moments and you definitely won’t see any teen anguish or vampires shining and shimmering in the moonlight. Oskar and Eli > Edward and Bella.


2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Another vampire film that doesn’t suck. Get it? Suck. So, this is a film that features a classic performance from Gary Oldman, decent jump scares, Keanu and his terrible English accent and Winona with her terrible English accent. The reason that this flick is on the list is because the overarching story is Dracula’s quest to recapture his great love whom he lost centuries ago. While his appearance is quite grotesque, and Oldman pushes his performance to the brink, at his very core, Dracula is a heartbroken sap just like the rest of us.

He quickly falls for Winona (as would any heterosexual male) who he thinks is his long lost love. Cue Usher’s “You Remind Me”.


3. Cloverfield


Cloverfield is a unique take on the classic monster movie. Now, there is one common denominator in all monster movies: they are about the monsters. Cloverfield has a monster in it, yes, but it isn’t about the monster. The story that drives Cloverfield is the love between Rob and Beth.

Barry Gibbs posited the question: “How deep is your love?” Well, Rob fought off a monster from another galaxy. That one is a keeper, Beth.


4. The Fly


Ever felt like your lover was changing? Ever felt that the person you are with is no longer the person you fell in love with back then? Well, at least he/she isn’t morphing into a HUMAN-SIZED FLY. If you can stick it out despite that fact, that’s amore.

Scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) is on top of the world. He has just invented a teleportation device and he has fallen in love with a beautiful journalist (Geena Davis). Unfortunately for Seth, he is in a David Cronenberg film. Now, when Cronenberg does love stories, you get blood and gore instead of flowers and sunshine. A fly gets into the teleportation machine which in turn makes Seth morph into a giant insect. While that sounds like a straight up sci-fi, body horror, Cronenberg injects it with just the right amount of emotion to make you identify with Seth’s character. You feel the human beneath the distorted exterior. You feel the tender love between Seth and Veronica. You feel the urge to say, “He’s pretty FLY for a white guy”. I’m sorry.