8 Important Issues Raised by “Changing Partners”

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8 Important Issues Raised by “Changing Partners”

Hirap naman magmahal.

| February 6, 2018

Recognition/ Fulfillment

It isn’t often that people in a relationship both become successful in their chosen careers. One usually outshadows the other, and if the relationship isn’t built on a strong foundation, envy quickly turns to hatred, and it all goes downhill from there. Conflict doesn’t always mean a third party; sometimes it’s our own insecurities.



The film cleverly makes a metaphor about space, when Anna Luna gets blamed for not taking care of Jojit Lorenzo’s plant, to which she replies “Sinabi ko naman sa’yo di ba? Hindi ako magaling mag-alaga. Lahat namamatay.” People, like plants, need breathing space. One cannot grow as a person under constant micromanagement, or scrutiny.



Cheating is cheating, period. Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean, sexually. Sometimes the most painful form of cheating is through a betrayal of emotions, when you find yourself falling for another, and growing cold with the one you’re with. In the film, Jojit Lorenzo and Agot Isidro detail the aftermath of treachery in the song “Maleta,” arguably one of the most heartbreaking songs in this whole hurtfest.



Angel is an ironically named unseen character, the cause of breakup of the characters in “Changing Partners.” But Angel, aside from being a physical third party, may also represent other complex issues that come between lovers— envy, suffocation, jealousy, lack of trust and even apathy. Love is a complex concept. You are no closer to understanding it unless you have experienced crippling pain.


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