8 Indie OPM Songs For When You Need a Good Cry

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8 Indie OPM Songs For When You Need a Good Cry

Goes well after a dose of IDILY.

| February 28, 2017

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8 Indie OPM Songs

for When You Need a Good Cry

By Tynne De Leon

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It’s always amazing how music can synchronize itself with our  feelings—from saying the words we couldn’t say to adding the perfect melody that best captures our emotions. And that’s why we always love listening to sad but beautifully-written songs; because sometimes they’re all we need to help us get through our heartbreak.

So grab your pillow, put your earphones on and get yourself ready to be heartbroken by these poetic masterpieces you need to hear right now:

Minahal Kita – Julianne Tarroja


They say we end up hurting the ones we love, even if we try our best not to.  This song is for those who want a second chance; for people who cling on to the hope that it’s not too late to fix the mess they’ve made.


Huling Gabi – Juan Miguel Severo


Huling Gabi is an ode to people who want to get past the pain of unrequited love. Yes, it’s not easy to forget the person whose world you’ve been revolving on. But it’s time to be fair to yourself and get over this person and finally move on.


Kahapon – Johnoy Danao


Johnoy Danao’s music is  sweet poetry to our ears, and his song Kahapon will make you feel nostalgic about the good old times.


Cuida – Sugarfree


Cuida means to take care of/to look out for in Spanish, and its meaning is exquisitely laid out in this Sugarfree song. It’s lyrics is a beautiful reminder of the things you are willing to give in the name of love.