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8 Internet-Breaking Moments from #DelamarOnGoodTimes

Great times!

| May 14, 2018

8 Internet-Breaking Moments

from #DelamarOnGoodTimes

By Kel Fabie

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To those of us who still listen to morning radio, last Thursday’s episode of Good Times With Mo was nothing short of historic, as the unthinkable happened: Delamar guested on the show.

Now, to our younger readers, this might not seem like such a big deal to you: after all, Delamar is currently also working for Magic 89.9, so she’s already in the same company as Mo Twister, but to see these two legendary radio personalities together in one show was surreal for anyone who has tuned in to either or both RX and Magic since the mid-90s. We just never thought this was going to happen.

After all, even Delle ending up on Magic 89.9 was unthinkable to us, after she left radio two years ago to become a full-time mom.

Here are 8 things that happened during that unforgettable show that broke the internet and made #DelamarOnGoodTimes the top-trending non-AlDub topic on that day…

8. They opened with a bang.

When they put Delle on, it didn’t take long for them to immediately bring up their speckled past, including the infamous airlines commercial Mo produced back in the day to get back at Chico and Delle. And lo and behold, Mo actually… apologized for that!


7. The fireworks kept going.

After that initial salvo, Delamar started turning the tables and analyzing Mo. Given what little she knew of Mo, it was a pretty accurate picture she painted of him.


6. Mo turns on the charm.

Knowing full well that this was probably the most anticipated moment in Philippine radio in years, Mo asked Delle if she was keen on making this setup permanent. Everyone listening in rapt attention went wild one way or the other.


5. “Everyone is on their best behavior.”

Mo sheepishly admits that a lot of their callers love picking on Chico and Delamar, so he promptly warned his regulars to stay away if they weren’t willing to play nice. Pretty thoughtful of him, but also pretty telling at the same time.