8 Introvert Movies

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8 Introvert Movies

Alone time is the best time.

| April 27, 2017

8 Introvert Movies

By Wincy Aquino Ong

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Most of the time, when we think of movies, they’re big and loud spectacles on the screen. Usually, they’re full of pulse-pounding, white-knuckle moments, or if not whip-smart quotable sound bites. Ahem, take a look at the latest summer blockbusters–they’re all pretty much neon-colored fireballs and Coachella-inspired frat parties.

But cinema is quite a dynamic medium. There’s a movie for every type of person. And if you’re an introvert like me—one who basks in the quiet joys of life, then read on. Here are 8 films that are perfect for introverts.

American Beauty

Could introspection be expressed any better than that scene with the grocery bag dancing in the wind? Reflective, sobering, and mind-altering all at once, this Best Picture winner gets you inside the head of Kevin Spacey’s character through one of the best uses of voice-overs in cinema history. This one will make you sit in your sofa and think deep, cool, philosophical thoughts.


About Schmidt

This Jack Nicholson-driven comedy tells the story of a retired man who goes on a cross-country road trip after his wife passes away. Again, just as with most introverted protagonists, this one is rife with well-written and expertly delivered voice-overs. Grab that box of Kleenex for that heart-rending final scene, one that highly empathic introverts would definitely relate to.


Taxi Driver

There’s also a dark side to introversion. This Martin Scorsese masterpiece follows the nightly haunts of an insomniac taxi driver as he plays vigilante in the streets of New York. Loneliness is pretty much the theme here, but you’d also understand how Robert De Niro’s character connects with a kindred spirit in Jodie Foster. The classic line, “You talkin’ to me? There’s nobody here,” might as well be a t-shirt most introverts would wear.



An introvert movie list wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory Woody Allen entry. Hey, Woody Allen is pretty much awkward introversion manifested in flesh and bone and hipster glasses.

In this love letter to New York, viewers get to see how two introverts fall in love—through a lot of talking and walking.