8 Justin Bieber Songs that Bring Out the Belieber in You

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8 Justin Bieber Songs that Bring Out the Belieber in You

We tried not to belieb, we pailed.

| July 6, 2017

8 Justin Bieber Songs

that Bring Out

the Belieber in You

By 8List

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Once just a 12-year-old boy uploading song covers on YouTube is now a heartthrob singer/songwriter that sells out at every arena: Justin Bieber has definitely made his mark as one of the world’s most popular mega stars. He’s captured the hearts of numerous screaming girls that adore him and cry over him as they sing each and every lyric to his songs at concerts, hoping to be his one less lonely girl.

In 2015, a few years after a couple of undeniable mishaps in his career, he has risen back from his bad boy phase and released a new album, Purpose – a record breaking reinvention for the Canadian pop superstar that has not only rekindled the flame in Beliebers hearts, but has also gained him a few new fans as well. We can’t deny that his remarkable musical talent still rules all (okay, maybe his good looks too. And his charisma. And his smile) – so, here are a few Justin Bieber songs that you just can’t help but belt:


Kicking things off with a track that gained over a billion views on YouTube is Justin Bieber’s Baby– a song featuring Ludacris that blazed through the charts and skyrocketed Justin to the top.  It’s an upbeat pop song that will always be remembered. Admit it, even if you may have said that he sounded like a girl, you find yourself singing to it from the radio on a ride home.


One Less Lonely Girl

Yes, this song’s tune and lyrics are just so sweet and adorable, but it sure has broken the hearts of every girl who’s never been the chosen one. One Less Lonely Girl is just one of those iconic Justin Bieber songs that woos your old teen heart, maybe even until now that you’re in your 20s – still praying that some day he’s going to look into your eyes and tell you he’s your girl.


Beauty and a Beat

It’s a catchy jam, and when you add Nicki Minaj sneaking in some Selena Gomez in the rap, you can just never, ever forget this song. Its upbeat elements just make you want to dance all night in your bedroom, pretending you’re in one of Justin’s shows.



So this is where Justin Bieber takes a detour to adulthood and finds himself in a road to absolute disaster; but that aside, Boyfriend’s mysterious rhythm became a viral track that showed off his “bad boy” side, which actually still captivated his fans. I mean that slight whisper in the beginning. I can’t.