8 Justin Trudeau PR Stunts We All Fell For

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8 Justin Trudeau PR Stunts We All Fell For

Olivia Pope would be proud.

| November 14, 2017

8 Justin Trudeau PR Stunts

We All Fell For

By Desiree Pore

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Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister and arguably the world’s hottest leader, is back in Manila, this time for the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Dubbed as an #APECHottie during his first visit 2 years ago, the 45-year old dashing world leader is known for his excellent social media game and his winning PR antics; his PR stunts are so effective that, we forgot the garbage Canada dumped here in the Philippines and still gave him a rock star welcome. Read on to know the other times his PR stunts proved to be successful.

That Time He Jogged Past a High School Prom Party

Oh, you know, just the Canadian Prime Minister “casually” jogging past some high school kids at a prom party because he’s just like everybody else who likes a good run. It was later found out that his official photographer, Adam Scotti, snapped the viral photo.


That Time He Casually Walked In At a Jollibee Store

Imagine eating at your favorite Jollibee store and in comes Justin Trudeau ordering the beloved chickenjoy. Even though the whole thing is totally staged (come on, guys), the handsome Prime Minister still made our hearts melt.


That Time He Tackled Quantum Physics

Trudeau continued to make us swoon when a reporter asked him to explain quantum computing and basically “schooled” everyone. But according to a blogger, it was the PM who actually suggested to reporters to ask him about quantum computing.


That Time He “Photobombed” a Beach Wedding

Photobombing isn’t a new thing, but when the Prime Minister of the country decides to crash your wedding, would you really be angry with him? Trudeau flaunted his fit physique when he accidentally photobombed a wedding by the beach last year. Trudeau humbly stepped aside as the bride walked down the aisle.