8 Gender Bender Korean Dramas That Prove Women Can Slay Anything

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8 Gender Bender Korean Dramas That Prove Women Can Slay Anything

About a girl, who dressed up as a boy.

| March 23, 2017

8 Gender Bender

Korean Dramas

That Prove

Women Can Slay Anything

By Tynne De Leon

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We’ve seen a lot of dramas portraying women as powerful as their male counterparts. We love seeing those, as opposed to watching typical story lines where the girl is treated as a princess waiting for her prince.  Yay for feminism! But what we find more amazing and, frankly, very entertaining, are dramas portraying women disguising as men for certain reasons. Who would do that? Why do that?

Apparently, nothing screams feminism more than proving people wrong, that we aren’t limited. Even if it means disguising as a man to prove that very point. Here are 8 gender bender dramas that prove that a woman can slay anything—even being a “man.”

To The Beautiful You

K-Pop fans see Sulli as the cute and girly maknae of the girl group f(x). And while it may be hard to imagine her as a guy, she actually pulled it off in To The Beautiful You. The drama’s premise about a girl who enrolled in an all-male school for her crush may be quite unrealistic, but who cares? It’s fun and entertaining, not to mention, brave.


Love in the Moonlight

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Love in the Moonlight may be a period drama, but its vibe is light; no wonder it’s quite popular to the younger audience.  Kim Yoo Jung’s cross-dressing role is compelling to watch, especially when her prince is no other than the very charming Park Bo Gum. They’re just too adorable here. If you haven’t watched this, then prepare yourself for the Bo Gum syndrome. Warning: once you’re inflicted, you’ll never get out.


Empress Ki

Compared to other dramas, Empress Ki’s plot did not totally revolve around the female lead and her disguise as a male. But it actually explained her character—a woman disguising as a man to plot her revenge for her mother’s death. She revealed her true self eventually, and her determination to climb to the top is one proof not to mess with ambitious women.


Queen Seon Duk

Like Empress Ki, Queen Seon Deok has a pretty complicated plot that may sound quite boring at first since it’s a sageuk. But every K drama fan knows that first impressions are never to be trusted. Lee Yo Won’s tomboyish antics are remarkable in this drama, and her character’s bravery can be compared to that of Mulan—only that she’s in it to reclaim her rightful throne. Girl power!