8 Korean Foods to Be Thankful For

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8 Korean Foods to Be Thankful For


| November 16, 2017

8 Korean Foods to Be Thankful For

By Patti Sunio

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Oppas and K-dramas aside, we have delicious Korean cuisine to thank our Southeast Asian neighbors for. And with the surge of K-marts and authentic Korean restaurants managed by the ever-so-generous ahjummas, there’s hardly a shortage of Korea food sources here.

We listed down 8 of our many, many favorites:


Also known as the Korean fire chicken with cheese, be warned of this dish’s extreme spiciness. But the best part is the oozy, gooey, stretchy mozzarella cheese that covers the meat, making all the tongue-burning worth it.

You can order the cheese buldak at Korean restaurants, but K-marts have instant versions of this, too. You prepare it like how you would your regular instant noodles, and then add the spicy flavoring for it to taste like the real thing.



Who would think that fish and ice cream would go so well together? Well, not really, because the pastry isn’t really fish-flavored; it’s only called that because of its shape. Trust us, biting into the waffle covering and into the soft ice cream and sweet red bean paste feels like a dream. You can easily get one in K-marts or even in regular groceries.



Of course, how can we forget? It comes in a cup or a standard package to cook at home. You can also opt for a spicy or extra spicy variation, depending on your tolerance. The best part is, we’ve all come to customize this Korean classic to our taste buds—add cabbage, egg, or even sugar, whatever suits you!



Honey-butter chips is a recent Korean food craze. What probably made it even bigger is when Korean stars posted selfies eating the chips, and we all naturally wanted to try it, too. because it has become such a huge hit, other chips brands were quick to make their own versions, that you’ll be sure to find honey-butter chips now even in non-Korean grocery stores.