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8 Korean Variety Shows We Love

Get your cray on.

| July 12, 2018

8 Korean Variety Shows We Love

By Patti Sunio

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Koreans don’t only have the best dramas, they produce the best variety shows, too. With concepts that are nothing like you can ever imagine, it’s fun indulging in these shows to see our favorite celebs in a new light, be amused by their craziness, or simply to relieve stress. Here are 8 we’ve watched through the years:

We Got Married

Korean celebrities, which can be an idol, actor, model, or personality, who have no relationship with each other whatsoever, are paired together to act as married couples. There are challenges for the couple throughout the season, such as “prepare a surprise dinner for your spouse” or “take ballroom dancing lessons together” in efforts to draw them closer. It’s fun to watch as the two get to know each other and try to be sweet.


Running Man

One of the longest-running variety shows ever, with eight regular hosts, and endless guests stars. If you’re following a certain K-pop group or actor, they will definitely guest in Running Man at one point in their career. Each episode has a mission to complete, silly games, and performances, too, and it’s fun to watch our idols challenge and compete.


Weekly Idol

This show is the place for idols to reveal their different side and skills not usually seen in performances. Fans love the show as it gives them a glimpse of how their idols behave outside choreographed dances and brief press appearances. Idols embarrass themselves, flaunt daebak moves, or showcase their aegyo as they do the crazy challenges.


The Return Of Superman

Celebrity dads take on both parental roles and try to care for their babies, while their wives are away for at least 48 hours (although, at times, they do come to the rescue!). From actors to idols, it’s adorable seeing these dad’s soft spot for their kids. Plus, the children’s unpredictable reactions and cute antics are always unpredictable!