8 Korean Variety Shows We Love


8 Korean Variety Shows We Love

Get your cray on.

| July 12, 2018

Infinite Challenge

Running for over 10 years, the show is also referred to as “the nation’s variety show” or “Korea’s real first variety”. The show is entirely unscripted and is full of absurd and silly challenges. At times, the challenges become too far-fetched and impossible to accomplish, but it’s always fun to watch the celebs keep trying.


2 Days, 1 Night

For two days and one night, the hosts and the guests are together to take on challenges that will give them rewards, such as basic food or shelter, once accomplished. With good chemistry and bonds between the cast, there’s never a dull moment in this show.


Law Of The Jungle

A survival show of sorts, celebs are brought into the wild and are left to survive. In order to do so, they must scavenge for supplies. It’s a great way to see celebs in a new light, how they think, strategize, compete, fight, interact, and deal with all the challenges.


Knowing Bros

The show is set in a classroom where guests are supposed to act as students. Celebrity groups of “high school students” and “transferees” have to get through school-related challenges, like guessing games and exams.


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