8 Lessons IG Boyfriends Can Learn from the @bloggerjowas

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8 Lessons IG Boyfriends Can Learn from the @bloggerjowas

The measure of love in the time of social media.

| May 2, 2017

8 Lessons IG Boyfriends

Can Learn

from the @bloggerjowas

By Luanne Arevalo

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Their blogger girlfriends Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy, and Nicole Andersson may be the stars, but Instagram boyfriends Miggy Cruz (@miggycruz), Joni Koro (@jommek), Santi Cua (@santicua), Kako Cojuangco (@kakoc11), Slater Young (@thatguyslater), and Marc Schulze (@misterschulze) have proven that they too deserve to be in the spotlight via their Instagram account @bloggerjowas. With their witty captions and hashtags, their hilarious parodies, and insider info on what happens behind the scenes, it’s no wonder why – less than a month into their IG’s existence – they already have a whopping 40,000 followers (and growing).

But apart from the good vibes and LOLs their posts bring, the @bloggerjowas can also teach their fellow Instagram boyfriends a thing or two. So if you’re an Instagram boyfriend or a girl looking to mold her boyfriend into one, then take your cue from the @bloggerjowas.

1. Know how to capture the perfect angle.

This here’s the most bae-sic skill you have to develop. You have to understand which angles work for every setting and lighting. Don’t fret – this will get easier as you go along and pretty soon, you’ll be making bae proud with your expert take on angles. #achievementunlocked


2. Get ready to be a stand-in during photo shoots.

One of the ways to ensure that a photo will be perfect is by taking test shots, because it allows bae  to see if the lighting, the background, and the angle are to her liking. She’d want to check it herself, so be ready to  sit in and #makeTitaTyraproud by smizing while you’re at it.


3. Understand where bae is coming from.

It might look easy but putting together the perfect outfit and making sure her make-up is on-point is no simple feat. To get a deeper understanding of what it’s like for bae, try putting yourself in her shoes. Or try on her makeup, maybe?


4. Exercise and get fit.

Between literally breathing life into floaties and shoveling snow for a snowfall effect, your role as an Instagram boyfriend will involve lots of physical challenges. Make sure your stamina is up for the task. Prepare like you’re about to race in a triathlon.