8 Local Hotspots That Will Celebrate International Tabletop Day In Style


8 Local Hotspots That Will Celebrate International Tabletop Day In Style

Get your geeks on!

| April 27, 2017

8 Local Hotspots

That Will Celebrate

International Tabletop Day

In Style

By Tim Henares

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So International Tabletop Day is happening this Saturday, and there’s a lot of buzz going around. Whether you’re a fan of something as classic as Monopoly (but why?!?) or something as elaborate as World In Flames, here are just 8 of the many different places that will be celebrating International Tabletop Day this weekend. Drop on by any of them, and enjoy!

8. Affinity Games

Celebrate International Tabletop Day here at Affinity Games next Saturday, April 29 2017.

That’s right! We are…

Posted by Affinity Games on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Located in Cagayan De Oro, Affinity Games is our only non-Metro Manila venue here, so it’s great to see that board games are making the trek nationwide. For a mere 200 PhP, you can play board games all you want, with 50 PhP consumable for food and drinks! This cafe is supposed to be going out with a bang (a source told us they’re closing down), so who knows what more last-minute surprises they’re willing to pull out, right?


7. Kings and Pawns Boardgame Cafe

Kings and Pawns in Marikina will be celebrating ITTD by having a team tabletop tournament, and they’re giving away a brand-new copy of Cry Havoc as their prize! With a lot of other prizes in store and a great location to boot, you can be sure that BWM/R’s Three’s a Charm will be a great event to drop in on.


6. Rollplay Game Lounge

Rollplay in Greenfield celebrates ITTD with a lot of competition, by offering an Ultimate Werewolf game for multiple people, running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Vanguard, and both a Catan and Captain Sonar casual tournament. And, oh. They’re launching the Roll Player Card for loyal customers!


5. Hungry Meeples

Hungry Meeples has an ITTD Fair, guys! A roast pork carving station, a geekery tiangge, board games demos, contests, and yes, raffles! Located at Congressional Avenue Extension, make sure to drop on by there if you’re looking for a great time and maybe some great bargains.