8 Local Swimwear Brands to Wear on Your Next Beach OOTD

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8 Local Swimwear Brands to Wear on Your Next Beach OOTD

Walaboracay ain’t stopping us.

| April 9, 2018

Sundae Swimwear


Ever wanted those unicorn swimsuits you see on Pinterest? You can buy one here! Sundae also features other quirky designs like the playful statement swimwears.

See more designs here.


Float Swimwear


This brand’s catalogue is full of character, you’ll easily find the swimwear to match your personality. They also have merch and bags to complete your beach outfit! You can check out their physical stores at ShangriLa Plaza Adora and Greenbelt 5.

Place your online order here.


Sandy Cheeks


Fancy some themed swim wears? Check out Sandy Cheeks’ catalogue! Their eye-candy swimsuits of different themes will make you want to buy everything. Their Class of 1960 collection rules!

See their entire collection here.


Swimees Closet


If you’ve gone through the whole list and still haven’t found a swimsuit that suits you, then you might want to check this shop. They have over a hundred designs to choose from, and they’re all made to order. The best part? Swimsuits are priced for as low as Php 300!

Order your swimsuit here.


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