8 More Viva Hot Babes and Where They Are Now

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8 More Viva Hot Babes and Where They Are Now

Because inquiring minds would like to know more.

| October 23, 2016

4. Asia Agcoili


Then: Beauty and brains. This lady was the epitome of both, and had perhaps the most daring Hot Babe shoot in Hot Stuff 2. She also took upon herself the role of being a sex guru, giving no-holds barred sex advice in her FHM column back in the day. She was also a former jock for Magic 89.9 until 2007.

Now: Initially moving to the Netherlands, she got married to her boyfriend Bram Van Der Kolk 2009, with whom she has a son, Xander, with. After relocating to New Zealand, Bram got arrested in the Megaupload raid in 2012.


3. Myles Hernandez


Then: There are two huge reasons Myles Hernandez will always hold a special place in our hearts: her personality and her smile. What were you thinking, guys?!?

Now: Myles Hernandez is supposedly now a makeup artist, according to one of her Facebook friends. She is divorced (GENTLEMEN), with three kids, and based in Vancouver. We don’t have to tell you if she’s still a Hot Babe, because you know she still is. They all still are.


2. Jaycee Parker


Then: From Ilusyon to Manila Kingpin, Jaycee Parker was always destined to be a great actress, and being a Hot Babe was merely a plus. Jaycee Parker stood out because she’s probably one of the most underrated actresses among all her contemporaries.

Now: Jaycee Parker still makes movies, last prominently seen in a cameo in “Etiquette for Mistresses” just in 2015. She once dated Danilo Barrios formerly from the Streetboys, and had juicy details to spill about him in her episode of “Forbidden Questions” with Mo Twister. Nowadays, you won’t find yourself wondering what she’s up to, given how active she is on her Instagram. She will be competing for her first national Crossfit competition in Taguig this November.


1. Katya Santos


Then: C’mon, guys. This is Katya Santos we’re talking about. If Maui was the heart of the Hot Babes, Katya was the soul of the Hot Babes. From a 13-year old child star in “Oki Doki Dok” to one of the most fantasized about ladies in the Philippines, she sure came a long way, huh?

Now: Last seen as Tess in “Born For You” this year, Katya Santos doesn’t really need a “Where Are They Now” feature because we all know where she is. Who wouldn’t? We adored her then, and we adore her now. Earlier this year, lady killer Luis Manzano admitted he once courted this lady who seems to be aging backwards. Her natural hair color really looks great on her.


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