8 Movies to Binge-Watch This Summer

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8 Movies to Binge-Watch This Summer

Sometimes, staying indoors is the best option.

| April 25, 2017

8 Movies to Binge-Watch

This Summer

By 8List

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Summer is here, and while we try our best to fill up the days with gimiks and walwalan, there are those days when we just want to lounge around the house and keep away from the punishing heat of the sun.

Well, this is the perfect time to binge-watch all those classic movies you have stored and wondered why you were storing them at all! Revisit the classics, or finally catch up on what everyone else are talking about. So turn up the fan to 3 (or if you are lucky to have airconditioning, share the love with your gang), stock up on chips and your beverage of choice: Here are our recommended list to binge-watch this summer. Just remember to take a bath once in a while.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Total running time: 11.4 hours (Extended edition)

Peter Jackson’s masterpiece of a J.R.R. Tolkien masterpiece is a sight to behold. Even in this day and age where CGI’s have leapt a thousand light years in terms of advancement from when this movies were shown, the visuals remain stunning. If you must indulge on what your high-speed internet connection can give you, this one is no-brainer.


Back to the Future Trilogy

Total running time: 5.47 hours (approximately)

If LOTR is too stressful for you, then consider the Back to the Future franchise. It’s got time-travel, alternate-futures, and tech-gadgets that have now been realized (self-lacing shoes, holograms, self-drying jackets, etc.). If you are looking for a popcorn movie, this one is a must.


Star Wars Trilogy (Original)

Total running time: 6.32 hours (approximately)

The Star Wars franchise is currently experiencing a renaissance that those who have actually seen the original trilogy in theaters are having major flashbacks. While some of the effects may look clunky by today’s standards, it would be wise for you to educate yourself on where the Jedi myth started.



Total running time: 2.42 hours

One of the most ambitious movies ever made, Avatar was made for theaters. Its sprawling alien world setting is best seen in its full HD glory. With your fast internet connection you will be able to immerse yourself once more in the world of Pandora—only this time you can enjoy it in shorts and, well whatever else you’re wearing.