8 Nokia Phones that Ruled the World

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8 Nokia Phones that Ruled the World

Oh the feels.

| February 17, 2017

8 Nokia Phones

that Ruled the World

By Mike Diez and Baxter Jacinto

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It’s hard to believe that Nokia was once the biggest and most popular mobile phone manufactures in the world. Everyone has a Nokia on their  hands. The closest competitor was not even close.

Which is why talks of a 3310 being relaunched in 2017 had 90s kids waxing nostalgic. In honor of the king of phones of that era, here is a look back at some Nokia phones we grew up on.


Nokia 5110

Via Wired

This is the Nokia model that was ever-present on people’s palms no matter where you went back in the days. The customizable front panel also allowed people to come up with their own crazy designs.


Nokia 3210

The 3210 was sexy and ergonomic.Compared to phones these days, this one felt like much like you can crush an elephant skull with it. Like classic Nokia phones, the 3210 was also fully customizable. Pinoys would go to Greenhills in search of cases that would best represent their personalities.


Nokia 9500

Kids these days may find it hard to believe, but phones back then did not have email options/internet access as standard feature. The 9500 communicator was the businessman’s choice in those days when laptops were back breakers.


Nokia 8850

You were part of the ‘soshal’ circle when you had one of these when they first came out. The 8850 was sleek, compact and reliable. It’s a small wonder why phones are bigger now at a time when the pants are tighter. But I digress.