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8 Nostalgic Treats From Our Childhood That We’d Like to Have Again

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| May 26, 2017

8 Nostalgic Treats

From Our Childhood

That We’d Like

to Have Again

By Tynne De Leon

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There are times whenever we feel sad or stressed, we tend to binge-eat comfort foods. It’s true then, still true now. And while most of these childhood snacks are still present in supermarkets and sari-sari stores, some of our favorites are already unavailable and are completely off the shelves.

Let’s revisit our childhood and see if you can still remember the following snacks that are either completely phased out, only available online, or are extremely hard to find  (P.S. please bring them back!):

Melody Pops

Via Amazon

When you can afford more than just a lollipop, these are your go-to popsicles. We miss the whistle sounds we can make with them.



Via 21Food

This dip snack is just the best — we can still remember the crunchy fries and nachos that taste so good; even better when you combine them with tasty dips like mayo and tomato salsa. Listen San Mig Food Corps: we want this back.


Tini Wini

A month ago, Twitter user @wwofmoi started an “online search party” for images of a childhood favorite, Tini Wini.

Of course, social media went ablaze — lots of people helped to track traces of Tini Wini in the internet. Luckily, one person uploaded a small photo of the snack that served as our “baon” during preschool and grade school days. Yay! Now, if only they would bring them back.


Mony Milk Powder

Who could forget Mony Milk Powder, the ones we call “milky dodo” back in the day? It’s like Mik Mik, only in colored bottles.

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