8 Notable Celebrity Deaths in 2016

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8 Notable Celebrity Deaths in 2016

Here’s a few of the celebrities who died in the past year. Is your favourite among them?

| December 20, 2016

8 Notable Celebrity Deaths in 2016

By Joseph F. Nacino

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For a lot of us, the year 2016 took away a number of celebrities who, in one way or another, impacted our lives.

We grew up with these men and women: reading or watching their works, living vicariously through their exploits, or simply listening to their songs. Their death felt like a punch in the gut, reminding us that though their great works will last forever, the greatness that created them were all still human and quite mortal.

For the most part, we consider 2016 a sucky year—made more miserable by the holes left by these legends:

1. David Bowie

Bowie was the first notable celebrity to die in 2016. On January 10, Bowie left us grieving after a secret fight with cancer that lasted 18 months. The music icon had just released a new album and had recently celebrated his 69th In death, he left a legacy that cut across music, fashion and movies.


2. Harper Lee

Lee is primarily known for her Pulitzer Prize-winning first novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Her work resonated with multiple generations—despite her hermit-like status. She died in her sleep on February 19 at the age of 89.


3. Prince

The second music legend to die in 2016 was Prince—Prince Rogers Nelson in real life. On April 21st at the age of 57, Prince died due to fentanyl overdose. Like Bowie, this icon was known for both his music and his outrageous fashion sense that left an indelible mark on fans and in the industry.


4. Muhammad Ali

Regarded as the greatest boxer of all time, Ali—born Cassius Clay—had been suffering for the longest time from Parkinson’s disease. Despite this, he still appeared unbowed in his rare public appearances. He died on June 3 at the age of 74.