8 of Mo Twister’s Most Infamous Feuds

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8 of Mo Twister’s Most Infamous Feuds

Twist ’em, Mo.

| June 11, 2018

Baron Geisler

Who: The god of war. A force of nature. Also an actor, we think.

The Beef: Baron Geisler, during his guesting on Mo’s Good Times podcast, got increasingly annoyed with the questions asked about his time between the sheets. He ended up calling the show “stupid and useless.” Time stood still. Tumbleweed started rolling. Cherry blossoms fell from the sky. Right inside the booth.

The Resolution: Surprisingly, despite obviously being a bit annoyed, Mo Twister agreed to disagree with Baron about the show’s worth, and told Baron that he still loves him and wishes him nothing but the best. And this is without Baron being within reaching distance of him!

The Winner: Has to be Baron here, but since Mo’s still friends with him, we can also call this a draw.


Jolo Estrada

Who: Son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada.

The Beef: After news of Jolo Estrada’s extravagant lifestyle came to light (and in the middle of the Napoles controversy blowing right up), Mo Twister half-jokingly asked his followers if Jolo was on Twitter, so he could “cyberbully him.” This prompted a response not from Jolo, but the rest of the Estrada siblings, as they took him to task for his “unprofessional” attitude, while Mo kept on pointing out that yes, Jolo was indeed in violation of the law, being the son of a senator and all that.

The Resolution: Jolo no-sold it in the end with four words as a hashtag – #notworthmytime. Mo has always been, for all his faults, staunchy anti-corruption in the government, so he moved on to the next political target eventually.

The Winner: Someone’s untouched bank account.


Franco Mabanta

Who: Indeed.

The Beef: From dudebros who got along swimmingly with each other to embittered foes, the divide between these two could be traced back to Mr. Mabanta’s support of current president Duterte. Mo put him on his podcast, and their exchanges quickly became heated. And yes, Mo is every bit as Anti-Duterte as he was anti-Aquino during 2010-2016. That’s even considering the fact Grace Lee once dated the former president while she was still hosting Good Times with Mo.

The Resolution: None. Mo knows ratings when he sees it, and guesting a frenemy like Mabanta on his show from time to time gets people talking about him. Mo knows how to agree to disagree, after all.

The Winner: The people who don’t listen to Mo’s podcast when Franco’s there.


Atty. Ferdinand Topacio

Who: The Attorney representing the Tulfos, among a bunch of other controversial clients. He lives by this motto: “Women are the foundation of society, so men must lay that foundation.” Also, WTF.

The Beef: After Mo Twister publicly took a shot at Mocha Uson over her recent tiff with Kris Aquino, Atty. Topacio inserted himself into the argument by referencing Mo’s erstwhile relationship with Rhian Ramos. Mo quickly pounced on the Attorney’s own moral shortcomings, which resulted in the kind of mudslinging pigs armed with catapults could only dream about. It’s likely still going on to this very moment, for all we know.

The Resolution: None in sight.

The Winner: Anyone not following this drama.



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