8 of the Most Awkward Moments of Your Life

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8 of the Most Awkward Moments of Your Life

Lakas maka-moment.

| September 12, 2017

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8 of the Most Awkward Moments

of Your Life

By Cel Ortega

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Humans are subject to at least one awkward situation every day. Here are only 8 of the most awkward ones we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives.

When a large group sings to you the Happy Birthday song and you’re just standing there

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Do you clap along? Sing along? Do anything to stop yourself from just standing there waiting for them to finish??


When a volunteer for WWF approaches you in the mall and you have to run away from them

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Awkward and shameful — the worst possible combination.


Having to explain to your family why you broke up

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Because there’s nothing better than having to sit through your parents telling you “Sayang, napamahal na kami sa kanya,” or “O ‘di ba sabi ko sayo noon pa na ‘di namin siya gusto para sayo? ‘Di ka kasi nakikinig sa magulang mo!”


Meeting someone you used to know at a public place

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You both know that you know each other, but not enough to actually acknowledge each other.