8 of the Silliest Filipino Superstitions

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8 of the Silliest Filipino Superstitions

Me darating na bisita.

| August 7, 2017

8 of the Silliest

Filipino Superstitions

By Kaira Guerrero

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In every culture, tribe, or nation, there are things that are passed from one generation to the next. It can be businesses or, practices, or even tangible things such as ownership of a plot of land, or a house. But there are also silly things passed down to us from our ancestors. I’m not talking about your looks, I’m talking about the silly superstitious beliefs passed down from one generation to the next. Who even believes that stuff?

Ingrained in the Filipino culture is a whole lot of pamahiins which mostly have no basis in them. Pamahiin or superstitious belief is the belief that if you do something, a supernatural force will either bless you or strike you with bad luck.

You might’ve heard a lot of these from your grandparents and you might’ve believed in it when you were younger. But now that you’re older it’s something funny altogether. Here are 8 of the silliest Filipino superstitions.

1. If somebody leaves the table during a meal, those who are left at the table should turn their plates to keep that person from getting in an accident.

Imagine if you’re at a long table and one of you leaves, the person just inconvenienced everyone else on the table.


2. Don’t go straight home after a wake! You must pagpag!

If you don’t do this, you might attract death or bad luck and there will be a death in your family when you get home. Death can make you sad, hang out somewhere! Pagpag ka muna sa Star City.


3. Encountered a black cat on the road? Turn around three times to ward off bad luck.

Well you just hurt the feelings of every black cat for miles. It’s not their fault they’re born that way! It’s also not their fault you’ll be looking like an idiot twirling in public. Also, did you know that looking at a picture of a black cat brings bad luck? YOU JUST LOOKED AT THE PICTURE! HA!


4. A spoon is dropped, you will have a female visitor. If a fork is dropped, you will have a male visitor.

And if your sibling accidentally drops the whole container of utensils, be ready for a truckload of distant relatives to socialize with.