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8 Old School Technologies We Don’t Want to Revisit

DOS were the days!

| June 21, 2017

8 Old School Technologies

We Don’t Want to Revisit

By Tynne De Leon

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While some of us are fans of vintage, let’s face it: today’s technology has made a lot of aspects in our life much easier. Wi-Fi, flash drives, wireless gadgets… technology has never been this advanced that we can’t help but be amazed at how we survived the past decades without them.

Let’s take a look back at the things that defined technology before, but are so outdated right now:

Floppy Disks

A diskette with 1.44 MB memory could change a life then. But now? More like, flop-py disks.


Lotus 1-2-3

This old-school spreadsheet is a killer back in the day, but then it failed to keep up with technology when Microsoft Excel came.


Dot matrix printer

Via Wired

While we still love the feeling of using old typewriters, it’s different for printers. Seriously, who needs ink from ribbons when ink cartridges can provide a much higher resolution? Not to mention, these printers  print noisily, and usually take forever to print a file. DJs, however, might find them amusing.


Dial-up Internet

Thank God we don’t have to dial a telephone number anymore just to reach the interweb.

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