8 Oscars 2017 Moments that Deserve an Academy Award

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8 Oscars 2017 Moments that Deserve an Academy Award

Steve Harvey doomed us all.

| February 27, 2017

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8 Oscars 2017 Moments that Deserve an Academy Award

By Therese Aseoche

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Not all of us will agree on some of tonight’s Academy Award winners especially when a few are rather debatable (we’re looking at you, “Suicide Squad”), but there are moments during the renowned event that undoubtedly deserve to make headlines. Here are just a few of them that are worthy enough to get their own Oscar!

8. Justin Timberlake’s Opening Performance

JT kicked off the night perfectly with a dazzling “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” mashup to celebrate his first Oscar performance and first ever Oscar nomination for Best Original Song!


7. Stars of “Hidden Figures” honoring Katherine Johnson onstage

One of the real-life subjects of Oscar nominated film “Hidden Figures,” Katherine Johnson, a NASA research mathematician for over 30 years, was brought to the Oscars stage and received a standing ovation for her contribution to history as one of the first black women to fight for representation in the space race. The 98-year-old physicist thanked the welcoming crowd for the support.


6. Treats being sent down via parachutes

After Ellen DeGeneres gave the star-studded audience pizza in 2014 and Chris Rock sold his daughter’s Girl Scout Cookies in 2016, Jimmy Kimmel decided to make his own contribution in delighting the guests first with a tiny goodie bag of Red Vines and Junior Mints, then later cookies and doughnuts sent down via parachutes from the ceiling. And judging from the wide smiles, they absolutely loved it! Nice save after all those flat jokes while hosting, Kimmel.


5. Iranian Director taking a stand against racism


Asghar Farhadi, an Iranian and the Director of “The Salesman” which won Best Foreign Film made a statement by boycotting the event. In his acceptance speech read by Iranian American engineer Anousheh Ansari, he condemned the “inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S.” He called on fellow filmmakers to fight against the spread of fear by creating stories that break stereotypes. “[C]reate empathy between us and others. An empathy we need today more than ever.”