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8 Other Places We Have Discovered #LeniLeaks

The plot thickens.

| January 11, 2017

4. Inside a Royal Dansk Tin

The only tin for the discerning Tita.


Hidden in the middle of sewing tools and anything but actual butter cookies, this Royal Dansk Tin is a treasure trove of conspiracy.


3. WinAmp

Spotify, eat your heart out!

Using the power of Limewire, WinAmp is how our experts on  the art of sedition transferred audio files with each other. Playing it on WinAmp only magnifies the effect.


2. A Tablet

No. Not THAT tablet.

You can’t spell “old school” without a tablet. Well, you actually can, but you can’t spell “tablet” without “tale,” which is as tall as they come when we have to listen to people with no confirmed sources just for our “news.” If you thought mainstream media was bad, did you think the agent provocateurs would be any more diligent? Hah!


1. Inside a Fortune Cookie

The future doesn’t look too bright.

Believing in what your fortune cookie tells you is about as realistic as believing in a plot as clumsily put together as this. Even if it were true, do you really think it would succeed if it’s this sloppily put together? One can only laugh.


Where else do you think we can find these #LeniLeaks? Share them with us below!