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8 Other Violations LTFRB Should Be Looking Into

Is it Uber now?

| August 15, 2017

8 Other Violations LTFRB Should Be Looking Into

By Kaira Guerrero

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In the recent LTFRB/Uber/Grab fiasco, there have been a lot of complaints and bad juju flung at the LTFRB. I guess the government is just doing its job huh? We won’t hazard to guess how they should do their job, but just in case they tire of running the ride sharing apps to the ground, they may want to focus on these other more pressing matters.

The “Kotong” Culture

Greedy officials are everywhere. Instead of directing traffic, their first instinct seems to be to stealthily catch and fine drivers who make even the slightest violation. But the most infuriating thing is to witness enforcers turn a blind eye to LTFRB approved vehicles and their blatant violation of traffic laws.


Cars that cause major pollution

It would seem like a minor violation if you don’t consider the major damage it could cause the world long-term. Did the enforcers tire of chasing down these bad boys belching dark smoke and slapping fines on their faces? Even in the littlest of things, there should be order. This isn’t even a little thing!


Illegal parking

For Filipinos sometimes we get used to doing things and forgetting that they’re illegal, because hey, if I’ve been illegal parking here for years and everybody does it too and nobody gets apprehended then maybe it’s okay. It’s the ultimate way to make people forget that what they’re doing is illegal. We wouldn’t even be stuck in this dilemma in the first place if the authorities in charge of apprehending these people are doing their jobs properly! But the root of this problem is the fact that people are allowed to buy cars even if they don’t have their own parking and the fact that the government issued them papers for these vehicles.

What has this got to do with LTFRB? Drop by East Avenue and see the vehicles awaiting inspection by LTO and LTFRB parked right by a major road.


PUVs not following the designated loading and unloading bay

..and yet some transport groups have the audacity to say that it’s Grab and Uber that’s the cause of traffic in the metro. Hello? Have you tried public transportation during rush hour on a Friday? PUVs are blocking roads everywhere, disregarding their official loading and unloading bay. It’s the cause of all the traffic! If anything, ride sharing apps have become a comfort for tired office workers who don’t want to battle with the rest of the world for a space in the MRT.