#DutertePleaseAppointMe Redux: 8 People Who Need to Be Appointed, and Fast

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#DutertePleaseAppointMe Redux: 8 People Who Need to Be Appointed, and Fast

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| May 10, 2017


#DutertePleaseAppointMe Redux:

8 People Who Need

to Be Appointed, and Fast

By Kel Fabie


It must be nice to be Mocha Uson right now. After almost being appointed to the Bureau of Customs, then becoming a committee member for the MTRCB, Mocha spreads herself (pun not intended) yet again for another position in the government, as the assistant secretary of Presidential Communications, making her the Robin to Martin Andanar’s Batman. Or, more appropriately, Mocha is the Laurel to Andanar’s Hardy. If you added Mr. Riyoh to the team, they could even be Moe, Larry, and Curly, but we digress.

Regardless if Mocha keeps donating her entire salary to charity, it cannot be denied that she is still being given power that at best, she is questionably qualified for, not that she’s the only one who currently fits that label.  That being said, if we’re going to make hilarious choices like these, we may as well go the whole nine yards with it, starting with Gary Valenciano finally earning his rightful place as the head of the Department of Energy (and James Reid as his assistant, naturally.).

This is even more timely to discuss now that the one-year ban on officials who ran for office and lost has finally been lifted, allowing someone like Senator Alan Peter Cayetano to head the Department of Silence and Technology.

Department of Transportation: Yael Yuzon


If the lead singer of Sponge Cola can translate the lyrics to “Jeepney” into English on the spot, this man is good enough to figure out the logistics of jeepneys for me.


National Anti-Poverty Commission: Willie Revillame


Now, he can give jackets to everyone!


Department of Tourism: Rolito Go


After escaping prison twice before finally being released due to old age, Rolito Go knows a thing or two about travel.

Alternatively, we could also nominate…




Department of Health: Pepe Smith


How Pepe Smith is alive after taking all of the drugs is beyond me, so he must know something we don’t. The man had more drugs than Mercury!