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8 Pinoy Parodies of Hit Songs You’d Absolutely Love (Or Absolutely Hate)

They did say it’s the sincerest form of flattery.

| July 20, 2017

8 Pinoy Parodies

of Hit Songs

You’d Absolutely Love

(Or Absolutely Hate)

By Kel Fabie

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Pinoy parodies of popular songs never go out of style. We love our wordplay, and these 8 examples are among the really good ones, going far beyond poking fun at Pinoy stereotypes and the Pinoy accent all day long, as some other parodists are wont to do.

Here now are 8 Pinoy Parodies that you just might enjoy. Unfortunately, for fans of Mikey Bustos, this list contains none of his parodies. Please don’t ask us why.

8. Adik Sa Clash of Clans (Thinkin Out Loud)

Sir Rex Kantatero is infamous for coming up with a lot of different Tagalog parodies of varying quality, but this particular ditty has us in stitches over how accurately it reflects the pathos of anyone who has been addicted to a mobile game, in this case, Clash of Clans. Sung to the tune of Ed Sheeran’s monster hit, this parody sets the bar for witty lyrics, and similarities to the original version.


7. Need You ‘Nay (Need You Now)

As your song for the average tambay wondering if their mom is coming home anytime soon, Need You ‘Nay is pretty hilarious as they come.


6. Snack Sa (Smack That)

Snack Sa has to be one of the catchiest parodies ever, if only for the fact that hearing it once in the jeepney would make it stick to your head indefinitely. Some people might appreciate that, but admittedly, a few others would be exasperated by it.


5. Banana (Na Na Na)

Akon’s songs were a hit in the Tagalog Parody circles when he first broke out as an artist, and Banana is arguably even catchier than Snack Sa when it comes down to it. Considering how you might mix up the lyrics between the original and the parody much in the same way Don McLean accidentally did with Weird Al’s Star Wars parody of his classic “American Pie,” this parody is pretty top-notch.

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