8 Popular Limited-Edition Menu Items We Wish Would Come Back

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8 Popular Limited-Edition Menu Items We Wish Would Come Back

Balik na kayo, di na kame galit.

| April 16, 2018

4. Shakey’s: Pizza Castellana

Shakey’s once had a Spanish-style pizza that was the perfect throwback to when Pepperoni was really the only topping we needed, and not much else. With its distinct, bold taste, the Pizza Castellana came back in 2013, and was supposedly permanent, only to disappear from their menus once again about less than a year later. We’re waiting for another return anytime now, Shakey’s.


3. Zagu: Creme Brulee

Zagu’s best flavor, which is practically Leche Flan taken through a straw, disappeared from Zagu stores nationwide around 2016. And with that, we’ve taken to heading off to Quickly instead, but we’d be open to going back to our first Pearl shake love not named DEC if Creme Brulee ever returned.


2. Jollibee: Crisscut Fries

Jollibee’s answer to McDonald’s Twister Fries was last seen in 2012, and is aching for a comeback in an era dominated by Potato Corner. C’mon, guys: you even had flavors, which couldn’t be said for Twister Fries!


1. McDonald’s: McRib

2014 saw the infamous item everyone in the US could only talk about: the McRib. We loved it, it sold like hotcakes, but McDonald’s has yet to bring it back to their menu despite all of that success. What gives?


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