8 Popular Required Reading Books We Eventually Loved

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8 Popular Required Reading Books We Eventually Loved

…and kept on our bookshelves forever.

| May 7, 2018

8 Popular

Required Reading Books

We Eventually Loved

By Patti Sunio

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High school was the time when they made us read a ton of books that probably made no sense to us at all—well, back then. But moving on to college, and eventually, the real world, we soon realized what these literary works were trying to tell us, and eventually, gave these choice novels a much-needed re-reading.

Here are 8 we remember:

Animal Farm

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The story isn’t just about animals on a riot. Beyond high school, we realized how much we can relate to these farm animals. Be it in the government or our workplace, we learned how positions of power can lead to abuse of authority and lead to corrpution. At the same time, the story reminds us that we can use our freedom to fight against it.


The Little Prince

It’s funny how a seemingly children’s story may in fact not make sense at all to little kids. The Little Prince is truly a reminder for us to be child-like, be open-minded, and not fall trap to the worldly things we’ve been conditioned to grow up with. It taught us to “see with our hearts” and recognize our own stars or the personal treasures we hold dear.


The Great Gatsby

While the Gatsby died fighting his passions, the story inspired us to keep pursuing our own, nonetheless. Most of all, it cautions us of the personal hindrances that come with it. Careless assuming, mismanaged emotions, and dishonest means of accumulating wealth will soon get the better of us.


The Giver

The story teaches us of the natural progression of life. It is impossible to have peace without conflict, happiness without pain, and love without suffering. Take the good with the bad, they say, and no truer is the saying than in this book. Our memories can hurt us, but it can give us light, too.