8 Reasons You Need To Catch Manila Wrestling Federation on April 8

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8 Reasons You Need To Catch Manila Wrestling Federation on April 8

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| April 7, 2017

8 Reasons You Need To Catch

Manila Wrestling Federation

on April 8

By Tim Henares

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Sometime last year, during Historycon, we were given a preview of asecond Philippine wrestling promotion going by the name of Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF). As a competitor to the current king of the roost, Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR), it took a while for MWF to get a show going, but this April 8, in Makati Cinema Square, it’s finally happening!

Whether you’re a fan of PWR or simply want to catch pro wrestling, Filipino-style, here are 8 good reasons to drop on by this Saturday!

MWF, at its most basic, is “Pinoy lucha.”

With one of its biggest stars outright named “Mr. Lucha,” the idea of Filipino luchadors isn’t too far off, not just because of the masks, mind you, but because of the athletic moveset you come to expect from luchadors.


A training partnership with Ninja Academy.

In its attempt to build up its roster, MWF partnered with parkour trainers Ninja Academy. If that kind of training regimen doesn’t inspire you one way or another, nothing will. It was, without a doubt, a democratization of the wrestling talent search process.


MWF’s commissioner, Mike Shannon

Mike Shannon has both been a visionary and a shunned prophet in the local wrestling scene, but one thing’s for sure: this man doesn’t know when to give up. MWF Live is going to be the fruit of years of effort and buildup, and none of us could be more excited (or nervous) as this man, whose passion for pro wrestling is second to none. It takes passion for this industry to make something out of it, and Mike has oodles of it, along with the rest of his roster.


Gigz Stryker

While PWR has the incorrigible Kanto Terror as perhaps its most memorable character, MWF gives us the gift from the action gods, Gigz Stryker. When you have someone paying homage to FPJ, Robin Padilla, and the like, you better pay attention!