8 Reasons to Fly to South Korea ASAP

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8 Reasons to Fly to South Korea ASAP

When you’re obsessed with the letter K.

| August 28, 2017

8 Reasons to Fly

to South Korea ASAP

By 8List

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One of the major goals of most people in this century is to travel. A year simply won’t be complete if you don’t travel at least once or twice! A study found out that 6 out of 10 Millennials would rather spend their money on experience rather than on material things. And don’t we all harbor that dream adventure to fly to another country? With the unwavering appreciation we Filipinos have with K-pop and K-drama, there’s no denying that South Korea is on top of that list.

What’s that? How can you travel if you don’t have the money for it?

Glad you asked.

Read on and maybe you’ll find a good reason to travel to South Korea (and for free!).

See how great of a country it is

Korea is undeniably one of the more impressive countries out there. They boast of high internet speeds, amazing technology, and innovative cosmetics. While we’re living in 2017, they’re living in 3017 with their virtual supermarket and future technology museum. Here’s a country that can keep up with the times and run ahead of it at the same time!


Explore another culture

Sure we’re all Asians and sure we all share the chinky eyes and the love for rice but going to Korea will be a whole lot of difference! You can find out about their culture and how much respect they give to other people. They bow when greeting someone instead of shaking hands, they use two hands in giving and receiving something as a sign of respect, they’re also very polite with their elders and higher ups.  They have a lot of historical places like palaces preserved from the previous eras and Buddhist temples to explore.


Visit places you’ve only seen through screens

If you visit South Korea, all the places you’ve heard of and seen only in pictures will come to life. Finally, you can set foot in places like Seoul, Jeju Island, Gangnam, and even ride a zombie-free train to Busan! You can visit the settings in the K-Dramas you’ve been watching. You can also meet a lot of Koreans and then tell them “Anneyong,” personally (because we know you want to!).


Bond with friends and family in a different setting

Traveling together and exploring things can make for a perfect bond between friends and family. After all, it’s traversing a foreign land with your loved ones, who can top that experience?