8 Signs Someone is Not Your Paparazzi

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8 Signs Someone is Not Your Paparazzi

It’s not you. It’s me.

| May 9, 2018

8 Signs Someone

is Not Your Paparazzi

By Tim Henares

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It’s hard being a famous, well-paid, privileged celebrity out there, when people bug you for a photo and your autograph every other place you go to. It gets especially bad when you notice someone surreptitiously taking a photo of you, obviously, with every intention of telling the world they spotted your shining star out in the wild.

Sometimes, you want to just give them a dose of their own medicine and take a photo of them right back. But what if you’re wrong? Here are 8 signs that maybe, just maybe, that person snapping away on their phone camera isn’t actually stalking you.

8. They’re clearly focused on their food.

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Is their line of sight, and that of their camera phone’s clearly trained on their food, and you might not even be in the shot, for the most part?

What It Probably Means: They’re probably taking a photo of the food, not you.


7. They are minding their own business and never bother approaching you.

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Most paparazzi will take a photo of you behind your back, then proceed to harass you when they half-got what they want. If they never do that, then they most likely didn’t target you in the first place.

What It Probably Means: Maybe it’s just you.


6. They’re on a date, and clearly into each other.

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Ummm, yeah. Unless they’re gigantic fans of you, they probably have eyes for only each other, not you. This goes double if they’re high-school age, because you know how puppy love works.

What It Probably Means: They have other things to do than bother with you.


5. They apologized when called out, while maintaining they did no such thing.

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If they reached out to you privately to clarify things without trying to stir up much fuss, then it might actually be because they weren’t doing what you thought they were doing.

What It Probably Means: You should quit while you’re ahead, because you might not like it when this escalates.