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8 Signs Someone is Not Your Paparazzi

It’s not you. It’s me.

| May 9, 2018

4. When pressed further, they deny it categorically and clearly look confused.

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They didn’t want the attention, just like you didn’t want the attention. They’re actually with you on that. They don’t understand why you had to take their photograph instead of talking to them about it nicely instead.

What It Probably Means: You done goofed, maybe?


3. You kept going while they just wanted it to stop.

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In your quest for justice, you keep railing against them, even long after they’ve gone silent over the issue. You want an escalation, and you want them to be shamed for what they have done.

What It Probably Means: You can’t leave well enough alone.


2. They don’t know who you are.

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Unless they think you’re so hot that you need to be stalked, then it’s pretty clear they’re not your paparazzi if they have no idea who you are, let alone that you’re a celebrity.

What It Probably Means: You’re not as famous as you think you are.


1. Their parents are suing you for defamation.

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If you’re being sued for defamation after your insistence, instead of getting an apology that would easily resolve the matter if they did what you claimed you did, then they probably weren’t trying to stalk you that day.

What It Probably Means: It might be a good idea for you to back off before things get worse for you.


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