8 Smartwatch Must-Haves Designed to Move You Forward

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8 Smartwatch Must-Haves Designed to Move You Forward

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| December 29, 2016

8 Smartwatch Must-Haves Designed to Move You Forward

By Eldrin Veloso

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In this day and age, productivity comes in all forms and sizes. Gone are the days when your rush home in time for your favorite television show. Phones are not just for calling anymore. Eyeglasses can now do more than just aid your sight. All these innovations have been designed to exponentially increase man’s productivity despite the constant resource we all share – time.

So, when wristwatches go beyond telling time, it’s best to get the one that enables you to be most productive with its ancillary innovative functions. When it comes to the competitive smartwatch category, you should wrap around your wrist the kind of gear that complements your lifestyle – the one designed to move you forward.

8. Wearable phone twin

The best purpose your smartwatch can offer is to be your phone’s double that you can wear. In those moments when pulling out your phone from your pocket (or locating where the heck you last placed it) takes crucial time, being able to access your messages or answer calls with the same ease as that of time-telling is vital. You’d never have to be afk, especially when you’re in the middle of beating a deadline, just to check a very important text or talk to your colleague. Talk about maximizing your time.

And as a dutiful twin, your smartwatch should have a function to locate and remotely operate your phone – a very useful perk in these times.


7. Standalone gear

Just as important as being a twin for your phone, smartwatches must also be useful to you as a separate device. Despite its size, a smartwatch must sport a sizeable internal memory to store media and a decent built-in speaker to play your favorite songs. It also helps if your wearable has a built-in GPS that can keep track of your location and give you turn-by-turn instructions when navigating.

Pre-installed apps are also important to maximize productivity. Being able to book an Uber with your watch does not hurt when you’re in a dire hurry.


6. Innovative rotating bezel

What’s more innovative than utilizing an already familiar feature of a watch and turning it into a game-changing function for smartwatches? A rotating bezel gives a lot more flexibility to interact with the smartwatch without touching the screen. The genius of it is it mirrors the circular selection on screen as you turn the bezel around, making it more user-friendly and more precise. From magnifying a photo to turning up the volume like you would with a tuner, the rotating bezel provides ease of use for people always on-the-go.


5. Customizable design

More than the dynamic functions, your smartwatch must be able to complement the occasion or even your mood for the day. If you’re feeling classic or sporty today, replaceable straps and changeable smartwatch face design would be essential. It’s like owning different sets of watches in one.