8 Smartwatch Must-Haves Designed to Move You Forward

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8 Smartwatch Must-Haves Designed to Move You Forward

Maybe someday they can brew our coffee as well.

| December 29, 2016

4. Always-on mode

What’s the good of having a smartwatch if it can’t properly function as a, well, watch? With an always-on mode, you’d have your friends guessing if it’s a smartwatch or just a regular one wrapped around your wrist. You can easily check the time without having to press the button to wake up your gear.


3. Fitness tracker

You have a phone, a watch, and a media player conveniently strapped around your wrist – why not throw in a fitness tracker in the mix? Isn’t it great to have a gear that tells both time and your fitness records? Add to it a function to measure air pressure, altitude, and speed that would be helpful during outdoor exercise. These trackers may even push you to surpass your previous records and urge you to explore greater challenges.


2. IP68 rating

If your smartwatch is designed to take you places, it must be engineered to accompany you to the most extreme adventures. That’s why durable protection from solid and liquid environments is a must-have for your wearable. And what more can you look for in a smartwatch that earned the highest International Protection Rating – IP68. This means your gear is dust tight, designed with complete protection against contact and is water-resistant for 30 minutes while submerged in 1.5 meters of fresh water. You won’t have to worry about it while on your spelunking or cliff-diving adventures.


1. Timeless design

But above all, it is designed like a watch. And with watches, we put a premium on classic designs that exude style and status. So, if you are investing on a smartwatch, might as well wear one that can compete with luxury watches sporting timeless looks. This way, you’d have the gravitas of a traditional wristwatch and the avant-garde productivity of a smartwatch.


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