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8 Summer Destinations for 2017

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| March 16, 2017

Samal Island, Davao

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Samal Island can be experienced either as play or pleasure destination. Book a room at Maxima Aquafun to enjoy their many activities, such as the water blob, a canopy walk, suspended bridge and more. If you’re looking  to just relax and laze around, your best bet would be Pearl Farm. You can literally wake up greeting the sun in their Samal House accommodations that are nestled above the water.



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Surigao is fast becoming a destination for many millennial travelers. It has surf spots and great accommodations through quality hotels and affordable Airbnbs. The sights are spectacular, to say the least also. Crystal clear waters and underwater sights make it a must visit. Swim in the Enchanted River, snorkel among jellyfish or go island hopping–Surigao is definitely a must-see destinations.


Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

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Ilocos is a classic summer destination, and it  boasts of a lot of options for sight-seeing without having to spending a single cent. If you are an art buff, check in at Hotel Luna, or simply visit to see their current displays. Munch on the famous Vigan Longganisa and the timeless Ilocos Empanada. For exotic animal encounters, there’s  Buluarte Zoo which hosts open range animals and a collection of tigers.



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A great summer escape wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Batangas. Only a stone’s throw away from the metro, Batangas has many to keep you occupied. Batangas also hosts as a popular tourist destination for deep sea diving as the community and local government pushes for eco-conservation and protection. Diving here is a delight as you will see many wonders of the Coral Triangle.


Summer is right around the corner and the options in the Philippines are endless. Feel free also to follow the IG accounts as they share their many adventures locally under the sun!

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