8 Classic K-Pop Songs

Every Avid Fan

Would Still Know About

By Tynne De Leon

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As a K-Pop fan for nearly a decade, I can say that the years 2007-2010 are undoubtedly the golden age of K-Pop. Ah, good times–when there’s too much talented groups to keep up with and all the legendary groups are still very much together. The music scene is still quite colorful now as it was before, but nothing really beats the classic and the nostalgic memories they bring.

You’re not a real K-Pop fan if you don’t know these classics:



Miley Cyrus’ famous twerk has nothing on Abracadabra’s sizzling “arrogant” dance (which PSY actually used in Gentlemen!)


Hot Issue


Sadly, 4Minute debuted with Hot Issue and then disbanded with a real hot issue.




Who could forget this song that made everyone dance and launched K-Pop to international fame?




Name a more iconic collaboration. We’ll wait.

I Don’t Care


We’re singing this until now, and we don’t care.




This leg dance will always be classic.


 Sorry Sorry


Even non-K-Pop fans can dance to this song.




One word: Legends.


What is the most iconic K-Pop song for you? Tell us below!



  1. As a cassiopeia, it will always be mirotic. But just as before, you just support these idols whoever they are esp if their songa are so dope.

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