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8 Surprisingly Awesome Breakfast Hubs in Forbes Town

Bars that moonlight as breakfast food hubs? Oh my!

| April 27, 2017

8 Surprisingly Awesome

Breakfast Hubs

in Forbes Town

By 8List

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Sometimes, all we want to do is have some quiet time before we face our daily grind. As much as we want to savor our breakfast at home, we want to get to within the area of our work as early as possible just to beat the traffic. That leaves us with the option of breaking our fast wherever we can find them within the area of our office.

Thankfully, Forbes Town is never in short of such awesome breakfast hubs! What’s even more incredible is that these breakfast places are also pubs at night. You would never expect these establishments to also serve up delicious morning grubs, but we have proof! Bon appétit!

2nd’s & Bitters Bar

Burgos Park, Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

The recently-relocated 2nd’s still serves the comfort food they’re best known for, but in a decidedly sunnier setting. Come 5:00 PM, however, the second floor also opens up to reveal Bitters, a medical-themed craft cocktail bar.

Must-Try Breakfast Item: Kitayama Beef Tapa
Kitayama wagyu sirloin served with garlic brown rice, house-made atchara, and two eggs cooked in the style of your choosing.


Big Bad Wolf

Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Big Bad Wolf is a happening nightspot—which should come as no surprise as two of its owners are club DJs. If you happen to visit at night, you should also come in the morning. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its cozy yet decidedly quirky interiors. And it is perfect for those looking for that aesthetic kick to get themselves going for the rest of the day.

Must-try Breakfast Item: Carrot Waffles and Fruit
Strawberry, banana, and groezn blueberries, pistachios, smoked cashew, wild honey, cream cheese frosting. Delish!


Frank & Dean

Burgos Park, Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Frank & Dean may look like a cozy coffee place when you first enter its doors, but its personality changes come 3PM—when you’ll be able to order cocktails and other alcohol. Aside from their excellent menu, Frank & Dean are proud supporters of locally sourced coffee beans.

Must-try Breakfast Item: Dean’s Classic Breakfast
Sometimes all you want to wake up to are eggs, bacon, homemade hash, house greens. Perfect with a good cup o’ joe.


Franky’s Café and Dining

Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Franky’s Café and Dining serves all your American comfort food cravings. Aside from all-day-breakfast, they also serve wings, nachos, burgers, pastas, steak & eggs, sandwiches. They also have a full bar. So, if you are the type who starts their day at night and end it in the morning, Franky’s is the place to be.

Must-try Breakfast Item: Eggs Benedict
Honey Ham. Poached Egg. Hollandaise Sauce. Heaven.

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