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8 Takeaways from “Siargao”

Made us want to book a flight now.

| January 6, 2018

5. Sometimes, there are things best left off social media

Like, for example, proposing to your significant other while on Facebook Live. We get it, the emergence of social media platforms has increased our need for self-validation what will all the likes, comments and shares, but with countless relationships made in the internet come the equal number of those ruined by it.


6. We really missed Hale

Hale’s new song “Alon,” can be heard during the film’s end credits, and it reminded us how badly we missed the sound of Champ and the gang. “Alon” is a fitting theme song for Siargao, mirroring the bittersweet journey of its three main characters.

“Anino ng kahapon

Pinipilit na umiwas

Hindi matupok ang puso kong nag-aalab

O, kay bilis ng panahon

Isang iglap, isang taon

Tumatakbo ang bawat saglit”


7. Jasmine Curtis-Smith is fast becoming the princess of underacting

First in Baka Bukas, then here. Anne Curtis’ younger sis is making her own mark in Philippine cinema, with her own brand of gripping underacting. It’s a performance that doesn’t call attention to itself, although we wished Jasmine had more material to work with in Siargao. Nevertheless, we cannot wait for her future projects.


8. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to go back

Sounds passé, right? However, in today’s fast-paced world, it wouldn’t hurt to step back, reflect on our priorities, and perhaps, be one with nature. Siargao works on the premise that many relationships come and go on the island, but sometimes, miracles do happen.


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