8 Most Terribly Common Christmas Gifts

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8 Most Terribly Common Christmas Gifts

What have we done to deserve these?

| December 21, 2016

8 Most Terribly Common Christmas Gifts

By Paolo Mariano

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During Christmas, it’s better to give than to receive. That saying couldn’t be any truer when you receive one of these 8 cliché, unimaginative gifts. Or if you’ve been more nice than naughty all year, all eight of them! They’ve become a bland Yuletide staple. Like jejemons invading Simbang Gabi.


When Marie Antoinette exclaimed “Let them eat cake!,” she must have been pertaining to fruitcakes. ‘Twas easy for her to give them away because she wouldn’t eat it like everyone else. The guy who invented fruitcake must’ve had one eggnog too many. Hence, the abysmal taste. Curiously, even though nobody likes fruitcake, people still hand it out as a gift/token. Channeling their inner Marie Antoinette, The Eraserheads said “There’s a fruitcake for everybody.” They’re damn right. Because no one eats ‘em.


Face Towels

Hey, a towel! But only for the face! Thank you for the hygienic concern, but no one wants to be subtly reminded that he/she needs to wipe his/her clammy, blackheads-peppered face. Yes, the weather gets hot and baskil-inducing, like a packed LRT train during rush hour, but not everyone has crazy active sweat glands like Martin Nievera. A face towel is as exciting as a Christmas tree—minus the ornaments. Unless it’s the towel that Veronica wiped Jesus’ face with.


Alarm Clock

The perfect time to receive an alarm clock is never. Not during Valentine’s, not during World Alarm Clock Day (may or may not exist), and especially not during Christmas. Even though you sleep like a hibernating bear, you don’t need a cheaply made alarm clock. Just get your mom to wake you up. Or your three yayas. The yearly giving of alarm clocks should stop. It has become very—wait for it—alarming. Okay, time to stop the puns.


Angel Figurine

The perfect number of angel figurines to receive during Christmas is zero. Except if it’s Angel Locsin or Angel Aquino. Sorry Angelu de Leon, u don’t count. Get it? Because her name has an extra letter U! WHUT! But if they’re the cherubic, heavenly-looking ones, then no thanks. Angel figurines should be left in churches and St. Pauls stores. Yes, angels are a big part of Christmas, particularly the Nativity. But so is gold. Why not give gold instead?