8 Things CSB Students Will Always Relate To

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8 Things CSB Students Will Always Relate To

You better know what campus you’re in.

| January 24, 2018

5. XO Mondays

Every first Monday of the month means corporate attire day. This is something Benildeans will always have to endure, because if not? Hello Student Behavior Office!


6. Different floors for Mutien-Benilde hallways

The Mutien-Benilde hallways will make it seem like you’re in a maze. Fourth floor Mutien is considered as third floor Benilde hall? What? How and why? Well, only Benildeans will know.


7. Welcome Frosh!

Every Benildean will at least get yelled “Welcome Frosh!!!” on their first day or even first term of their College life. Every year, the school hosts a welcome party for the freshmen called Unite, where students around the College gather to celebrate. Nothing like feeling the uttermost welcome in College.


8. Inclusive community for the deaf

In Benilde, deaf students are very much welcome as they are given the right and opportunity to high-quality education as well. Nothing beats a school that welcomes everyone with open arms.


All these eight mentioned above will always be relatable to every Benildean. After all, once a Benildean, always a Benildean. Here’s to 31 years of green and white!