8 Things Every Kid Who Grew Up In the Province Can Relate To

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8 Things Every Kid Who Grew Up In the Province Can Relate To

Lahat, walking distance.

| March 8, 2018

4. You know where people are from based on their accent

One of the perks of being a probinsyano is you have a native language. When you go to Manila after a few years, it feels great to encounter a fellow native from your province. You’ll definitely know where they’re from based on their accent, di ga?


3. You’re used to going for long walks


In rural provinces, houses are usually huge distances away from each other, so visiting a friend will require long walks (some even go hiking). But you won’t mind—friendships form and stay strong that way. It’s also true when your house is far from your school, which is located at the bayan. While you have the option to ride a trike, you’d rather walk sometimes.


2. Manila was a big deal

When you were in high school, going to college in Manila is “the dream”—especially when you live in a very quiet, rural side of the country. Some people from back home even think that you’ve leveled up once you’ve gone to the city.


1. Everyone knows everybody

There are pros and cons of growing up in a small town. The good side is you’ll have lots of playmates when you’re a kid that will eventually be your barkada growing up. Come college graduation or when you pass the board exam, your parents will probably invite the whole barangay (or even people from other barangays.) But that’s the thing:  since everyone knows everybody, when you do something wrong, you’ll be the talk of town.


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