8 Things That You Didn’t Like When You Were a Kid That You Do Now

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8 Things That You Didn’t Like When You Were a Kid That You Do Now

Another year older.

| January 2, 2017

8 Things That You Didn’t Like When You Were a Kid That You Do Now

By Kevin Christian L. Santos

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Nostalgia time! Remember when you were a kid? You know, the time that you didn’t have to worry about a lot of things. Paying for your phone bill wasn’t a concern, but waking up early on Saturday morning to marathon your favorite cartoons until your head hurt was. Homework was a breeze compared to working a 9-6. Who gave a shit if you were single? Hanging out with your friends, playing videogames and with action figures meant the world to you. It was a fun, simpler time.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and Serg’s chocolates when you were a kid. You were forced to do certain things either because you were being punished, or you were simply forced to do them because adults had their reasons. Funny enough, these same things that you threw a tantrum over before are now rewards for you. Stuff like:

1. Eating your vegetables

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Some kids loved their greens, a lot of kids didn’t. A lot of children’s idea of a healthy meal was a slice of pizza, a hodgepodge of candy and sweets for dessert, and wash it all down with teeth-rotting soda. We had simpler palates back then.

Now we realize HOLY HELL BROCOLLI’S ACTUALLY DELICIOUS! Our taste has matured and our metabolism isn’t exactly as awesome as we were younger. We invest more in our health now and eat as much vegetables as we can. Greens mean death when you were a little dude/dudette, now green means good and you’ll have that stuff as much as you can. Well, most of the time:


2. Family vacations

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When you were a kid, there were times that you thought your parents were uncool and stood in the way of having fun. Speaking of no fun, family vacations were the worst. You were in the palm of their hands and you were essentially their lapdog the whole time. Everything they said goes. Now that you’re older, you look forward to going on these trips and spending time with the people you care about. You’re able to relate with them better. You realize that you don’t get to spend enough time with them and these vacations are perfect. Hell, you might even get drunk with them. Now you realize your parents paid for your vacation when you were a kid. You got a free vacation and complained about it. Why were you like that?


3. Affection

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Flirting was the last thing on your mind as a child, and anything sexual such as kissing was hella gross. Why would anyone want to lock lips and swap spit? Shit’s disgusting and unhygienic. You also thought falling in love was lame. Rubbing someone’s back, holding someone’s hand, hugging, ANY flirtatious action on another was deemed repulsive. Seeing people kiss on TV and the movies made you cringe. As you get older though, you realize this feeling was awesome. Being in a stable and happy relationship is an indescribable feeling. Now you can take all the hugs and kisses you can get. YES YES, KISS ME AND SWAP SALIVA WITH ME! You also realize how being alone and single can suck sometimes.


4. Being left alone

You craved company and attention as a child. You’d be gutted if your best friend didn’t show up to school for a day. Being alone sucked. You had no one to play with or talk to. Your very active imagination drove you crazy and you couldn’t sit still. Now you realize being left alone isn’t so bad. You can be left alone with your thoughts to internalize and meditate. You can read a book without anyone disturbing you. The best part? You can get naked and run free, the wind passing in between your body’s crevices, genitals, and singit. And honestly, that IS the best. Eat naked alone? Check. Drink naked alone? Check. Cry yourself so sleep naked? Yeah, not so much.