8 Things to Do While You’re #Gradwaiting

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8 Things to Do While You’re #Gradwaiting

San ba nakakabili ng experience?

| September 13, 2017

5. Get a part time

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Part time jobs, in my opinion, are the best to do when you have a lot of spare time. Not only do they give you the experience you need for the work force out there, but they help you grow and develop skills that you don’t really gain in the classroom. Also, they add more experience and depth to your resume so it’s really a wise way to spend your free days.


6. Network at events or at job fairs

Networking in events, whether for school events or any event related to the big world could go a long way especially if you want to build on connections. This could also help market yourself out there and meeting new people to keep your options open.


7. Pimp up the resume

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Now that your diploma is the only missing key to exit school, pimp up and update your resume the way you aspire it to be. Who knows, this may also inspire you to start applying for a job and getting that #Adulting phase ready.


8. Relax

You deserve it! Treat yo self and treasure all this free time.


You only have this time once in your life, go spend it wisely and make the most out of your college experience.


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